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Online learning that works

In addition to intact courses for groups of employees from a single company, we offer a range of online open access courses.  

These use a combination of instructor-lead training, group collaboration and elements of self-paced microlearning, using mobile apps, to make the experience enjoyable and effective. We welcome input from participants, including questions and topic ideas that our tutors can address during sessions, perhaps based on their experience of navigating their ‘new normal’.

We also incorporate time to reflect on what has and hasn’t worked and whether additional support or coaching might help. 

The methodology we employ is based on the principles of Accelerated Learning:

About our courses

Target audience

Target audience

Unless specified in the brochure, our open access courses are suitable for any adult looking to learn online to develop themselves, their skills and their knowledge base. 

Learning tools

Tools and techniques

We use interactive whiteboards, apps, group exercises and storytelling, incorporating real life work scenarios, to providing a rich, interactive online learning experience. 

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You should complete the course with a new perspective, feeling energised and motivated to put what you have learnt into practice, reinforcing the learning.

Courses coming up

Culture & Mindset


Building strong work cultures

Working as one team

Wellness & Mental Health

Building resilience

Holistic therapies

Mental health awareness

Personal Development

Effective communication

Personal branding

Soft skills development 

1:1 Coaching

Leadership coaching

Career coaching

Life coaching

Know yourself – MBTI 1:1


Business storytelling

Lead with a story

Brand storytelling

Innovation and change management

Lunch & Learn

A series of short courses on ethical and topical issues. 

These are designed to help people think differently about things that matter, like work/life balance, accountability and time vs money dilemmas. 

If you’re interested in joining one of our open access training courses, please express your interest below. We’ll add you to the waiting list and let you know when the next available session is coming up.